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June 30th 2020
8am PDT/ 11am EDT

Now more than ever, it is critical for businesses to enable their remote employees to continue working with critical applications securely and deliver uninterrupted business services to customers.

Enabling remote workers with full access to their work environment is key to maintaining their safety and productivity. Many applications can be accessed simply through the internet and a VPN connection. 

But what about those business critical restricted applications? 

Join us in this webcast to learn how by using Oracle VM VirtualBox you can:
  • Securely provide remote workers access to restricted applications
  • Help protect classified data 
  • Avoid the cost and disruption associated with rearchitecting restricted applications
  • Rapidly create standardized and secure VMs to run on any laptop/desktop
  • Help address compliance for remote application access

Featured Speaker

Simon Coter

Simon Coter, Senior Manager of Product Management, Oracle