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Learn how to accelerate Scala workloads with GraalVM Enterprise.

July 21, 2020
11:00 a.m. PT

From machine learning, to big data processing, to widespread popularity in financial institutions, Scala powers business critical applications and demands the highest possible performance. The best way to achieve this performance is by using GraalVM Enterprise.

Join us and learn firsthand Scala’s unique approach to functional programming within a broad ecosystem of solutions compatible with Java applications.

Tune in for this 30-minute webcast to explore:
  • How to use GraalVM Enterprise to achieve the best performance for your Scala applications. 
  • How GraalVM Enterprise native image technology can transform Scala microservices into efficient cloud-native deployments.
  • How to speed up the development process of Scala applications with GraalVM Enterprise.

Featured Speaker

Vojin Jovanovic

Vojin Jovanovic
Senior Research Manager