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Hidden Gems in the Oracle Cloud

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There are tons of amazing products and services in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure catalog and I’m sure you’re using many of them in your tenancies to develop, deploy and maintain your data-driven applications. But there are also many services and features that you might not be as familiar with. 

In this session, I’ll show you where to find and how to use these lesser-known features. You’ll be sure to learn a few tips for saving money on your cloud bill, ensuring compliance, manage your database instances, monitor performance and even some tips for writing more efficient code in your applications.

Featured Speaker

Todd Sharp

Todd Sharp
Cloud Developer Evangelist

Biography: Todd Sharp is a developer advocate for Oracle focusing on Oracle Cloud. He has worked with dynamic JVM languages and various JavaScript frameworks for more than 14 years, originally with ColdFusion and more recently with Java/Groovy/Grails on the server side. He lives in the Appalachian mountains of north Georgia (in the United States) with his wife and two children.