Fraud Detection with Oracle Autonomous Database and Oracle Machine Learning

Get a Powerful Fraud Detection Solution with Oracle Autonomous Database and Machine Learning

August 18, 2020
10 a.m. PT/1 p.m. ET

Oracle Machine Learning is packaged with the Autonomous Data Warehouse. Together, Oracle Machine Learning and ADW can transform your Cloud into a powerful anomaly and fraud detection Cloud solution.

ADW’s Oracle Machine Learning extensive library of in-database Machine Learning algorithms can help discover anomalistic records and events that stand out—in a multi-peculiar way. Using unsupervised learning techniques (SQL functions), ADW and Oracle Machine Learning SQL notebooks enable companies to build cloud solutions to detect anomalies, non-compliance and detect fraud (e.g. taxes, expense reports, people, claims, transactions, etc.). See example scripts, OML notebooks, best practices and hear customer examples.
  • Learn concepts of fraud detection approaches—what works, what doesn’t
  • Learn from other examples taken by other customers and applications
  • Get an insider’s perspective on how to tackle fraud and anomaly detection using Oracle’s Next-Gen hybrid data management and machine learning platform