Discover how a modern data warehouse can be deployed where and how you need it, deliver the right performance at the right price without surprises, and keep your data safe.


29 July 2020
10:00 AM CEST

Event Highlights:
  • Keynote by Andy Mendelsohn, EVP, Database Server Technologies on how new cloud capabilities are making it easier for organizations to build, manage, and automate systems that ingest, consolidate, catalogue, and analyze data.
  • Samuel Sonnenfeld, CIO/CDO at Eaglemoss, gained crucial customer insights and improved strategic business decisions by being more data driven when targeting marketing campaigns to improve sales.
  • Jeremiah Ochieng, Group IT Director at d.light, consolidated data from different sources and gained a holistic view of the business. They can now run data queries in minutes rather than hours, reducing time to load and report data from 12 hours to minutes, and DBA workloads by 75%.
  • Manuel Martin Marquez, Senior Project Leader at CERN, used an object storage data lake to manage over 1 petabyte of data and machine learning to analyse IoT sensor data with his organization’s enterprise data warehouse.
  • Simple next steps to help you get started.