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From Exadata to Autonomous Database: recipe to succeed in just three months 

Live Webcast
15 October 2020
15:00 CEST | 2:00 p.m. BST

From Oracle Exadata to Autonomous Database: recipe to succeed in just 3 months

Speaker: Marco Bettini, Managing Partner, Bridge Consulting | Kirey Group
Speaker: Simone Traversari, Solution Architect, Bridge Consulting | Kirey Group

Autonomous Unicoop Reporting Cloud Service (AURCS) is the reporting application used to analyze market and sales data to forecast trends and to help business people in critical decisions.

The on-premises infrastructure was not enough, even if based on the best in class Exadata. Performance, scalability on-demand, flexibility leads Unicoop Firenze to move to Autonomous Database & Autonomous Analytics.

Bridge Consulting's challenge was to guarantee a transparent "lift & shift": no change to Oracle Business Intelligence reports, no changes to ETL flows, zero downtime.
Join us to discover the secrets of this successful migration and how this new architecture is the milestone for Unicoop Firenze to start the modernization of their applications on Oracle Cloud.


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