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Virtual Workshop: Changing Role of DBA

Virtual Workshop
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Go from Database Developer to Data Scientist in Just 6 Weeks!

Machine Learning for DBA's

Join us and gain an attainable, logical, evolutionary path to add machine learning to your valuable Oracle data skills. Attend this virtual session so you can learn how to extract more information, insights and make predictions. Expand your career from DBA or database developer to data scientist in only 6 weeks!

Sign up for the virtual workshop to start your journey to machine learning. Follow a week-by-week framework for:

Business Understanding: Start with a well-defined business problem statement

Data Understanding: Review the data - does it make sense?

Data Preparation: Create new derived attributes or “engineered features” for machine learning

Modeling (Machine Learning): Identify the key attributes that most influence the target attribute

Modeling: Build predictive models to predict customers who are likely to have good credit

Model Evaluation: Next, test model accuracy

Deployment: Apply the models to predict "best customers"

Featured speaker

Charlie Berger

Charlie Berger


Senior Director of Product Management, Data Mining and Advanced Analytics