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An Oracle [#CapitalClarity Series] ondemand Webinar with Aite Group

Decoding the Buzz: The Evolution of Virtual Accounts. And Why Now?

A Look at Powerful Use Cases in Driving Better Capital Clarity
What exactly are Virtual Accounts? And how have they evolved over time to improve reconciliation and cash liquidity management – both of which are cornerstones of a well-oiled Treasury machine? What are some of today’s more progressive uses of Virtual Accounts?

Join Oracle and Aite Group and understand

  • Virtual Account Management (VAM) and its evolution to today
  • How self-service functionality, open-banking and real-time payments have enriched the applications of VAM
  • An old vs. new look at the use cases of VAM
  • A look forward: coupling enhanced data and predictive analytics for better clarity and control

Constrained for time?

Scroll to the key discussion points, use our listening guide

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Key discussion points:

  • Our panel addresses why the buzz?
  • Why the polarized opinion around the value of VAM to banks?
  • Interesting use cases, and how do we go from use case to business case?
  • The advantages and challenges from a banking perspective
  • The right questions banks should be asking as they’re considering VAM?
  • What’s next for Virtual Accounts?