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An Oracle [#CapitalClarity Series] ondemand Webinar with Aite Group

Decoding the Buzz: The Evolution of Virtual Accounts. And Why Now?

Thank you for your interest in our panel discussion with David Bannister from the Aite Group.

You will learn in the discussion that with today’s climate, and the increasing need for efficiency and clarity around working capital, banks are starting to turn their attention to Virtual Account Management (VAM) to drive more value with their clients. And the timing as never been more relevant. As David puts it:

“If you talk to somebody who was doing [Virtual Accounts] 20 years ago, they’ll say its old hat, but when you look at it in a world with API-enabled open banking and real-time account information and huge amounts of data, you get a very rich environment. So, I think that’s why it’s time to look at it again.”
David Bannister, Senior Analyst, Aite Group

It’s been a pretty hot topic, and one that we are getting a lot of questions on from our banking customers! So, we hope you find the session insightful.

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We hope you find the following listening guide handy:

(4:04) Our panel addresses why the buzz?
(7:35) Why the polarized opinion around the value of VAM to banks?
(15:55) Interesting use cases, and how do we go from use case to business case?
(30:51) The advantages and challenges from a banking perspective
(33:36) The right questions banks should be asking as they’re considering VAM?
(41:06) What’s next for Virtual Accounts?

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