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Digitising Your Sub-Contractor Payments: Why Now Is the Time


Increase efficiency and control in construction payment management.

Sub-contractor payment management continues to be an error-prone and manual process, causing delays and frustration at all levels of construction organisations and their supply chains. The current situation of working from home adds additional complexities: payment apps getting stuck in inboxes, poor collaboration, siloed approvals processes, etc. None of these issues make sub-contractor payments any better. Oracle, however, believes that payment management automation is easier than it looks.

Introducing Oracle Textura  Payment Management - a solution that provides a 360° view of digitised workflows, removing the chance for human error and ensuring compliance with regulations. The Oracle solution is a modern, digital tool providing construction organisations with a painless end-to-end payments process, with full visibility and easy reporting for all relevant project stakeholders.

Whether it’s CIS deductions, VAT calculations or contracts and variations, you’ll be able to develop more efficient and effective processes across the organisation - even when working remotely/from home.

Watch our 30 minutes on-demand webcast and find out how to:

  • Improve efficiency and visibility for all stakeholders
  • Adhere to all UK construction legislation, including the Construction Act
  • Prevent errors and rework by generating accurate and standardised documents
  • Automate notifications and payment holds for compliance deficiencies
  • Reduce payment periods and accelerate payments to subcontractors
  • Integrate end-to-end payment management with any major ERP system

Featured speaker

Kevin McCarthy

Oracle Textura UK Manager

Prior to Oracle, McCarthy accumulated over 20 years’ of experience in IT solutions. In his previous role he was responsible for running an account management team specialising in the construction sector. McCarthy has a solid grasp of how construction businesses function and the challenges they have after interacting with a large number of clients in the top 100 construction companies.

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