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Oracle webinar with Accenture: How to use scenario planning to navigate a crisis

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On Demand
On Demand
Uncertainty planning is the concept of preparing for "what if" scenarios: What if our organization, our industry, or even the entire economy goes a different direction? How do you decide which scenarios to model, which variables and KPIs to focus on?

Watch this on-demand webinar with Accenture and Oracle experts to explore how to model multiple scenarios to prepare for the best possible outcomes.

  • Paul D. Prendergast, Strategy & Consulting CFO&EV, Accenture
  • Paolo Bruciapaglia, Technology Delivery Lead Senior Manager, Accenture
  • Nicholas Cox, EMEA ERPM Strategy Head, Oracle

This panel discussion is part of the Oracle strategic partner series. If you want to learn more, please visit our Resilient Finance and Operations - Oracle strategic partner series website

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