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Oracle webinar with Accenture: Higher efficiency in Supply Chain through disruptive technologies

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In today's business environment, being prepared matters more than ever - leveraging systems that support visibility, rapid decision-making, and flexible response.

This crisis occurred just as disruptive technologies are opening new ways to create business opportunities and solve business problems. Marginal cost savings must now be offset against the many political, environmental, and social risks associated with single sourcing. Flexibility and resiliency have never been more important, forcing business leaders to find the right balance between pure cost savings and adaptability, speed, risk management, and sustainability.

Watch this on-demand webinar with Accenture and Oracle experts to know more about how to determine the right balance.

  • Francesco Cuccia; Strategy & Consulting SCM, Accenture
  • Paolo Danieli, Oracle Technology OTM Domain Europe Lead, Accenture
  • Jaime Marijuan, EMEA SCM Solutions & Strategy Leader, Oracle

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