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Predict Employee Attrition Using Oracle Technology

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Predict Employee Attrition with Oracle Autonomous Database, Machine Learning and More!

We'll even share the code and demo kit!

This session will walk through the detailed steps of how to solve a typical machine learning problem—predicting voluntary employee attrition—using Oracle Autonomous Database, Oracle Machine Learning, Oracle Application Express (APEX) and Oracle Analytics Cloud.

Join us and you will learn how to:
  • Use Oracle Machine Learning Notebooks to build, evaluate, select and apply multiple machine learning models that run entirely inside the Oracle Database
  • Build an APEX application and view and interrogate insights and predictions about employees
  • Interactively explore insights and predictions using Oracle Analytics Cloud
We'll even share the code and demo kit on GitHub for best practices so you can learn and reuse the demo assets!

Featured speaker

Charlie Berger

Charlie Berger

Senior Director of Product Management, Data Mining and Advanced Analytics, Database SQL