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Moving Oracle WebLogic and Custom Apps to the Cloud

Moving Oracle WebLogic and Custom Apps to the Cloud – Trendy or a Solid Strategic Move?

Workloads and applications of every kind are moving to the cloud. It’s almost become trendy. The big question is why move? Why disrupt a functioning ecosystem and introduce potential risk? The question is even more relevant when it comes to custom applications built on WebLogic. WebLogic has been enabling Java application solutions for years so contemplating a move to the cloud might seem like a low priority. There are compelling reasons for moving WebLogic and associated applications to the cloud. Attend this 60-minute webcast and learn:

• Why many companies are moving WebLogic and custom apps to the cloud
• The benefits of moving, improving and/or modernizing WebLogic and custom applications
• Why Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is the best destination for WebLogic and custom apps