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Better Banking Webinar Series

How Banks Can Maintain Relevance by Deepening Digital

A discussion on how banks can digitize, with insights from Keybank’s Stephanie Gillespie, SVP and Head of Consumer Digital Technology

It takes an average of 66 Days, to develop new behavior patterns. With Covid-19 driven lockdown nearing that figure, Consumers and SME, have been heavily relying on using their bank's current digital capabilities for all lending and financial needs.

We can safely assume that consumers will be looking for the best digital options even as we come out of this phase.

To stay relevant banks will need to measure their Digital Lending Capabilities against critical questions.

  • Is my bank’s "digital processes" really 100% digital?
  • For on-boarding and originations, do my customers still visit a branch to complete the process?
  • What the Digital Score when it comes to complex origination processes such as consumer and small business lending?
  • Do I have a plan to be 100% digital from a process standpoint?