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Moving WebLogic to Oracle CIoud – Virtual Hands-On Lab

Live Webcast
1:00 p.m. ET

Moving WebLogic to Oracle Cloud

Virtual Hands-On Lab

Come join us for the second in a series of virtual workshop hands on labs on Moving Custom Applications to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. In this virtual lab, an Instructor will be walking you through the steps of creating your OCI tenancy and environment, deploying WebLogic Server from the OCI Marketplace, creating your DB instance, and then loading your data and deploying a Java app on the WLS instance. By the end of the lab, attendees will have a working DB, WebLogic environment, and knowledge on how the new automation and tooling will help organizations improve and modernize their application environments.

Please note the following prerequisites:
Be sure to sign up for Oracle Cloud Free Tier, with New Always Free Services and a $300 free trial. You must sign up for the free trial before this event to fully participate in the lab. Oracle Free Tier

In addition, download the following:
Putty and WinSCP
Get WinSCP here
Get Putty here
MobaXterm (alternate for both Putty and WinSCP)
Get MobaXterm here

Oracle Cloud Trial Account and login credentials.
1.1.2 Get the required files to run this workshop
Download the zip folder from here .
Unzip the content in your local machine.

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