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Keeping it Retail Webcast Series: Navigating Uncharted Demand


On-Demand Inventory Optimization Webcast

Speaker: Jeff Warren, Oracle Retail Vice President of Strategy and Solutions Consulting

Retailers are struggling to adjust decades of well-defined inventory and traditional supply chain management processes. The end-to-end inventory management process is often manual, time-consuming, and does not adapt to changing conditions. Are you currently facing these retail challenges?

  1. Carrying too much inventory
  2. Don't know how much inventory is needed
  3. Have inventory in the wrong place
If so, we can help. Watch our webcast to see how the new Oracle Retail Inventory Optimization Cloud Service  addresses these challenges. The solution uses machine learning to help retailers rethink an inventory approach to serve the needs of customers while conserving cash, and without having to change an existing replenishment solution. 

Since the cloud service is powered by machine learning, Inventory Optimization does the heavy lifting and modeling to rebalance and optimize inventory so retailers can invest in the right products and automatically adapt to new consumer patterns as they occur.