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Bosch Thermotechnology in the Spotlight

Live Webcast
September 10, 2020
9 a.m. PT

Heating technology manufacturer bolsters service performance and efficiency in the field

Bosch Thermotechnology has a stellar reputation, with customers lauding its products and service for being the best on the market. But slow and convoluted processes prevented the company from serving more customers and addressing issues quickly and efficiently.

By embracing Oracle Field Service, Bosch has been able to constantly meet its brand promise by empowering field service workers to serve customers more quickly, efficiently, and effectively. Tune into this live discussion to learn how the company has: 
  • Increased repairs per day by 25% per Technician
  • Reduced travel times and overall carbon footprint
  • Leveraged Oracle University to help train their team and navigate change management challenges
  • Quickly adapted and evolved service strategies in light of COVID-19

Featured speaker

Marcel Torrent

Marcel Torrent

Service Optimisation Manager, Bosch Thermotechnology