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Oracle Database Security: Understanding & Mitigating Security Risks 

Live Webcast
22 October 2020
10:00 a.m. UK time

Episode 3 - Oracle Database Security: Understanding & Mitigating Security Risks 

The first step in any security strategy is to know your risks. You can then design effective measures and policies to meet the risk appetite of your organisation. Oracle takes a three-pronged approach to database security controls, using a comprehensive set of preventative controls, backed up by strong detective controls, and supported by rich administrative controls. This way you can be confident that, not only are you minimising the risk of sensitive data exposure, but that you also have the necessary visibility and administrative control over any activity that is happening.

This webinar will explore:
  • Risks & exposures; who is accessing your data, what types of data you have in your systems (Medical, PII or GDPR controlled data)
  • Policies & technologies to meet business requirements
  • How to mitigate against common database exploits 
  • How to ensure standardisation & compliance through effective policies & patching
Who should attend
This session is aimed at security leads including security architects, enterprise architects, CISO, Head of IT Security