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People analytics the key to driving business performance

People analytics the key to driving business performance
Can you correlate employee happiness and engagement with employee productivity, sales performance or customer satisfaction across divisions, geographies, managing hierarchies, etc?

Can you predict performance of new hires today?

What are the characteristics of your future workforce?

Do you know the cost of talent turnover to your business?

Are you able to predict the impact that variables like compensation, work life balance or company culture have on employee turnover?

Acting on the answers to those questions requires different elements including data governance, analytical capabilities, a data-savvy workforce, scalable delivery of insights, alignment with the business, and an overall data culture. But on top of all those factors, organizations need the right tools and technologies to make it all happen.

Join this session to learn how Oracle's latest innovations in autonomous data management and analytics solutions can help you become a people insights driven organization.

We will show you how to get there as well as share with you a number of people analytics customer journeys including Generali and Skanska. 

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