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Oracle GraalVM Enterprise Webcast Series

September 23, 2020
8:30 a.m. PT

Machine Learning with GraalVM Enterprise and NVIDIA's grCUDA


Machine learning has become essential for many organizations. It provides data for decision making, improving daily operations, and even reducing security risks. Yet many companies hesitate to adopt it, citing development costs and performance concerns. For such cases, GraalVM Enterprise and NVIDIA’s grCUDA can be a perfect solution. GraalVM offers easy migration and access to Python libraries, while grCUDA enables easy GPU access for even better performance.

Join this webcast to learn about:
  • Extending existing Java applications with Python libraries with GraalVM
  • Using GPUs to achieve high performance
  • Use cases and performance results of implementing such solutions

Featured speaker

Alina Yurenko

Alina Yurenko

Senior Developer Advocate, GraalVM Development