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Price Execution: Your Key to Cracking the Code to Revenue Growth in the Digital Normal

Live Webinar
September 23, 2020
15:00 UK | 10:00 ET

An Oracle live Panel Discussion with Citi, Barclays, RIA Advisory, and Deloitte

Re-inventing price execution to work in the digital age and beyond

Digital has now become an imperative and a pervasive reality. It has become intrinsic to customers' lifestyles and is impacting all stakeholders across the banking value chain. This is fueled by emerging technologies, regulations, and market headwinds. The current environment has accelerated demand for digital technologies in the past few months.
  • Digital banking apps in the US managed to increase revenues by 17 percent in March according to AppysFlyer
  • 38 percent of Western Europe and 58 percent of Central Europe banks expect to acquire more than 20 percent new customers through digital channels
  • According to Finalta Digital and Multichannel Benchmark, in 2019, the top 10 banks in developed markets had 80 percent of their customers digitally active
To be successful over the next decade, financial institutions must embrace emerging technologies (AI, Blockchain, Cloud and Machine Learning) and digital transformation, according to Deloitte. This also enables them to tap into the API economy which is opening up opportunities to offer better products and services through an ecosystem.
A mix of these strategies along with the right pricing and packaging can be the winning mix for financial institutions in the digital age. But financial institutions traditionally have been focussed on product-based pricing rather than on true relationship-based packaging and pricing. In a rapidly changing environment, diminishing fee incomes and margin compressions are already affecting profitability. As revenue growth gets strained, financial institutions may want to rethink their current pricing model. Is it really ready for the digital age?

Join us with experts and business leaders from Citi, Barclays, RIA Advisory, and Deloitte in this live panel discussion to understand:
  • How digital is reshaping financial services and customer relationships
  • The impact areas across the banking value chain for emerging technologies like Blockchain, NLP, Machine Learning
  • How financial institutions can monetize data and,
  • How can they leverage API economy to package their own products and services with external ones, create a product catalog, price it, launch it and how customers can subscribe to the product catalog
  • How price execution, an often ignored aspect, presents a unique opportunity for institutions to realize long-term business outcomes

Featured speakers

Pradyumna Deshpande

Pradyumna Deshpande

Head of Global Billing & Revenue Management, Citi Treasury and Trade Solutions

Prady leads the global sales enablement, revenue strategies and billing services for Citi’s cash and trade business. He is passionate about delivering transparent and versatile digital experiences to clients across the corporate, FI and public sector segments. In his 10+ years at Citi, Prady championed innovations powered by Analytics and AI/ML to grow wallet share, led product development in payments and receivables and instituted a digital catalog of global capabilities. Prior to joining Citi, he led the development and commercialization of cards solutions for 10 years at MasterCard Worldwide, in the areas of fraud prevention, consumer loyalty and spend controls.

Henryk Pietrzak

Henryk Pietrzak

Head of Cash Management Pricing, Transaction Banking, Barclays

Henryk leads the Transaction Banking pricing function focusing on a client wide pricing approach, revenue generation, and revenue protection. Prior to joining Barclays Henryk enjoyed a 17-year career in the British Army directing operations and change across the Army and Defence.

Akshaya Kapoor

Akshaya Kapoor

Vice President, Global Financial Services Pricing & Billing Solutions Head, Oracle Financial Services

Akshaya heads Oracle’s Financial Services Pricing & Billing Product – Oracle Financial Services Revenue Management & Billing (ORMB). Akshaya has been with Oracle for more than 10 years and over 20 years of experience in Financial Services Pricing and Billing space. Akshaya has been driving Oracle’s SaaS strategy for providing state-of-art Healthcare billing solution.

Warren Elizer

Warren Elizer

Managing Director, Oracle Financial Services Revenue Management and Billing Practice, Deloitte Consulting LLP

During Warren’s tenure at Oracle he was one of the founders of the Oracle Financial Services Revenue Management and Billing product. Warren has 25 years of pricing and billing experience in Healthcare and other industry verticals and has led multiple practices helping clients with large-scale Oracle billing implementations that include EBS, PeopleSoft, Oracle Cloud and ORMB.


Saket Pabby

Saket Pabby

Founder and CEO, RIA Advisory

Saket Pabby is the founding member of RIA Advisory. In his previous stint, Saket was the Vice President, Oracle Revenue Management and Billing. His accomplishments at Oracle Financial Services include successfully launching ORMB in four new verticals i.e. Banking, Capital Markets, Payment Services and Healthcare, product positioning, business development, market planning, and delivery. Prior to joining Oracle, Saket spent over nine years at BearingPoint Inc. where he headed a large global team of consultants & sales professionals, with the prime focus on Oracle CC & B.

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