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Predictive Maintenance: How to Extract Full Value from Technology


Poor maintenance strategies can substantially affect operational efficiencies and profitability. To be competitive, companies need to minimize unplanned downtime and optimize maintenance costs. Industry 4.0 capabilities enable companies to monitor their assets in real time, integrate data from many different sources, analyze and translate that data into meaningful insights and automatically turn those insights into prescriptive actions to optimize maintenance.

Watch this webinar to hear from Scott Rogers, Founder and Technology Director of Noble Plastics, how they harnesses Industry 4.0 capabilities, the power of the Internet of Things, big data and machine learning to increase equipment reliability and uptime while reducing overall maintenance costs.

Julia Vagdati, Director Product Marketing and Jai Suri, Senior Director Product Management at Oracle explain how Oracle’s Future-Ready Predictive Maintenance solution uses predictive analytics to predict asset failure and reliable lifespan and generates actionable insights in real-time. These actionable insights trigger prescriptive workflows to take pre-emptive action and optimize maintenance.