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Install and Configure the Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance Simulator Follow these steps to import the Simulator:

  1. Install and start VirtualBox 4.3.12 or later.
  2. Download the simulator and decompress the archive file.
  3. Select "File > Import Appliance" in VirtualBox
  4. Select the simulator OVF file from the decompressed archive and start the VM.

Stay Connected

When the simulator initially boots you will be prompted for some basic network settings (this is exactly the same as if you were using an actual Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance). Many of these fields should be filled in for you. Here are some tips if you're unsure how to fill in any of the required fields:
  • Host Name: Any name you want.
  • DNS Domain: "localdomain"
  • Default Router: The same as the IP address, but put 1 as the final octet.
  • DNS Server: The same as the IP address, but put 1 as the final octet.
  • Password: Whatever you want.
After you enter this information, wait until the screen provides you with two URLs to use for subsequent configuration and administration, one with an IP address and one with the hostname you specified. Direct a web browser to the URL with the IP address (for example, to complete appliance configuration. The login name is 'root' and the password is what you entered in the initial configuration screen.