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The Value of Foresight -Through Integrated Predictive Maintenance

The Value of Foresight -Through Integrated Predictive Maintenance


For asset-intensive organizations, the maturity of their maintenance practices is a key determinant of their ability to operate reliably, without interruption, profitably. Many companies are ripe for implementing predictive maintenance (PdM), to gain substantial benefits and significant improvements over their current approach. Predictive maintenance works best using a holistic, integrated approach, rather a piecemeal effort. This research report covers the following:

  • Maintenance Maturity Model
  • Implementing a Holistic, Integrated Approach to PdM
  • Predictive Maintenance for Asset-Owning Organizations
  • Driving Business Model Evolution for Product Manufacturers

Investments in improving maintenance practices, processes, and systems can have a large return. This report describes clearly how those improvements and benefits can be realized.