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Oracle Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA) Webcast Series

Live Webinar
October 6, 2020
10:00 a.m PT
Oracle Active Data Guard - Deep Dive

Oracle Active Data Guard - Deep Dive

Best Practices to Optimize Your Disaster Recovery Strategy

Join Oracle experts for a fresh take on best practices for maximizing your data protection and disaster recovery strategy for the Oracle Database with Data Guard and Active Data Guard. This session will be the third in a series of webcasts that will cover various aspects of the MAA reference architecture tiers designed to ensure your applications meet their Service Level Agreements (SLA).

Learn about the following Oracle Data Guard & Active Data Guard topics:

• Active Data Guard vs. Data Guard: What is the difference?
• Critical Active Data Guard RTO and RPO optimizations
• Latest Data Guard & Active Data Guard product updates
• Optimizing Gold MAA (Active) Data Guard configurations
• How to fully take advantage of DBMS_ROLLING

Featured speaker

Pieter Van Puymbroeck

Pieter Van Puymbroeck

Principal Product Manager, Oracle