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Best Buy: Optimizing Supply Chain Strategies
Recently, Oracle Retail evaluated the next-generation, cloud-native, retail demand forecasting solution against Best Buy’s current on-premises version where end-users were manually adjusting 50 percent of forecasts and found a 70% improvement of promotional forecasts. Learn how you can stay on the cutting edge of forecasting science and get the most for your team all while delivering the same level of service to customers.

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360-Degree Visibility: Oracle Retail Merchandising Roadmap
360-degree visibility, a single view across all processes, speed to market, and embedded science and analytics are just some of the drivers behind investment in Oracle Merchandising. Learn the current strategy, vision, and roadmap for the Merchandise Operations Management suite of solutions and cloud services.
Makro and Retail Consult: Build Once, Deploy Many
Learn how Makro implemented a multicountry and multicurrency base model for merchandising management and improvements that will provide the scalability and flexibility to serve 5 countries and 165 stores in Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Peru and Colombia.
A Single View of Inventory: Oracle Retail Planning and Optimization Roadmap
Understanding how customers interact with your brand—how they buy and return merchandise across different channels—provides the single view of inventory that empowers retailers to profitably plan. See the latest innovations in our planning solutions and cloud services, and discover how they can impact your business and deliver speed to value.
Helzberg Diamonds: Keeping Clarity with a Smart Upgrade Strategy

Helzberg Diamonds implemented Oracle Retail Xstore Point-of-Service (POS) to support growth across more than 220 stores in the United States. Learn how Helzberg was able to move quickly and successfully in partnership with BTM Global to respond to everchanging business needs and customer expectations.
Kendra Scott: Enabling a Foundation for Growth
Learn how fast-growing jewelery designer partnered with Logic Information Systems to implement Oracle Retail Xstore POS, Xoffice and Oracle Retail Customer Engagement Cloud Services, Oracle Retail Merch Foundation Cloud Service and Oracle Retail Insights Cloud Service to gain a single view of inventory and a single view of customers to deliver a connected customer experience.
Enable Consumer Journeys: Oracle Retail Omnichannel Roadmap
Retail is about the entire consumer journey, engaging at every interaction, and curating the experience to drive the consumer to the desired end game beyond the sale. Learn how Oracle Retail Omnichannel solutions bridge the productivity gaps between the online and traditional POS functionality, improve store associate effectiveness, increase sales, and personalize the customer experience.
Increasing Business Value Through Advanced Inventory Planning
Discover how Dixons have seen a significant increase in stock availability, a reduction of stock holding, and a vast improvement of merchandise decisions across the entire business with Oracle Retail Advanced Inventory Planning and Oracle Retail Demand Forecasting.
Stein Mart: Right Data. Right Time. Right Place.
Stein Mart embarked on a journey to deliver a single view of inventory for seasonal and open to buy planning. Stein Mart partnered with Parker Avery and Cognira to re-engineer business processes and to implement Oracle Retail Merchandise Financial Planning Cloud Service. Learn how holistic alignment in their processes delivered a positive impact on their business.
Total Wine & More: Gaining a 360 View of the Customer
Total Wine & More embarked on a journey to create a seamless customer experience. With help from Oracle Retail Consulting, the modernization began with the pilot of the latest version of Oracle Retail Xstore Point-of-Service, Oracle Retail Order Management, Oracle Retail XBRi Loss Prevention, and migration to Oracle Retail Customer Engagement Cloud Services. Learn more about their journey to the cloud.
Optimizing Physical Inventory: Oracle Retail Supply Chain Roadmap
Retailers must be able to react quickly to changes in demand or within the supply chain and ensure efficient handling of inventory through to sale or fulfillment. Learn our strategy, vision, and roadmap across our supply chain solutions and understand why a single view of inventory is key to operating more efficiently and driving results in a changing omnichannel world.
Maui and Sons Chile: Riding the Wave to Operational Agility
Maui and Sons have grown to become one of the best-known sports surf and skateboard apparel brands in the world, selling in more than 100 countries around the world. After going through a complete physical and digital transformation. Maui & Sons share their results towards building a foundation for operational agility that will enable the company to grow in South America.
Bata: A Journey of Retail Digital Transformation
Learn how international footwear retailer, Bata is effectively deploying Oracle Retail technology across the world to deliver a more consistent and satisfying shopping experience with greater insight into consumer preferences and demand at the store, regional and country level.
Panel Discussion: Project Governance and Globalization
Project governance is a “top of mind” topic for retailers. Decision making, change management, scope control, role definition and discipline. Learn how international retailers are addressing the art of project governance: how, during the course of an IT implementation, a company makes sure that what it is doing is what it agreed to do in the first place, proceeding according to plan, and achieving the intended.
Pianoforte: An Integrated Customer Experience from Planning into the Store
Learn how the top Italian clothing brand has implemented an integrated suite of Oracle solutions to optimize its planning processes, localize offerings, and personalize the customer experience.
Oracle Retail Insights and Science Roadmap
Oracle Retail Home is the result of our drive to enable retailers to execute strategic goals more effectively. Learn how Oracle Retail Insights Suite seamlessly leverages descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics on a common platform to streamline processes and drive increased productivity.
The Anatomy of the Business Case
A business case weighs the risks, costs, anticipated business benefits and savings to be gained for undertaking a point solution or a digital transformation. Discover the tools available to you and your teams to understand the business processes that cross lines of business and how to measure them.
SINSA: Digital Transformation in Home Improvement International Business
Learn how SINSA are better managing merchandising with Oracle Retail Merchandise Operations Management, but also how they are bringing innovation in the stores with Oracle Retail Xstore Point-ofService and having more accurate offers with Oracle Retail Customer Engagement.
Sustainability and Quality: Oracle Retail Brand Compliance Roadmap
Product safety, availability, and quality are critical factors in building trust with consumers. Today, Oracle Retail Brand Compliance Cloud Service accounts for two-thirds of all solutions used globally to help assure retailers’ brand integrity—with 80 percent of private label suppliers onboard. View our strategy, vision, roadmap, and new services for Oracle Retail Brand Compliance.

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