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Podrygka: Improving Inventory Management with Oracle Retail Demand Forecasting
Russian perfume and cosmetics drugstore retailer, Podrygka, shares their approach to managing inventory operations in stores and at the warehouse level to effectively reduce store inventory whilst maintaining the distribution level, and increasing profits through demand forecasting and increased customer loyalty.

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Keynote: Competing in a Fast and Fierce World
We recently surveyed over 15,800 consumers and compared their point of view to a subset of retailers across 15 countries. Learn the findings on how to compete in a fast and fierce world of dynamic transformation.
Pianoforte: An Integrated Customer Experience from Planning to the Store
Learn how the top Italian clothing brand has implemented an integrated suite of Oracle solutions to optimize its planning processes, localize offerings, and personalize the customer experience.
Sportina: A shift in mindset and modernization for Fashion Planning
Fashion retailer, Sportina invested in Oracle Retail Merchandise Financial Planning, Alllocation and Replenshiment and Markdown Optimization. Learn how the team modernized the processes and technology as they moved to a centrally managed planning process.
Zenden Group: A planning case study
To grow the business, Zenden shifted from an excel based planning process to adpot a demand-driven assortment forecast planning process based on the Oracle Retail RPAS platform.
Pepco Group: Digital Transformation and Growth Initiatives
Learn how the Pepco Group will leverage Oracle Retail Merchandising Cloud Service to unify inventory management and Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Cloud to automate and streamline the organisations end of end financial management processes.

Fortenova Group: Smarter Decision Making, Enhance Collaboration
By upgrading to the latest release of Oracle Retail, the trading department can automate the merchandising process and offer guided best practices to associates, allowing them to focus on strategic tasks that impact the bottom line and improve daily operational efficiency. Learn how Fortenova gained operational agility with modern retail technology.

Demonstration: Merchandising and Insight Innovation

As markets evolve, retailers recognize the value of a platform that streamlines the buying process, informs experiences, drive real-time inventory visibility, and executes omnichannel fulfillment requirements quickly and accurately to meet customer expectations.
Good, Bad, Ugly: Pivot to Customer Optimizes the Omnichannel Customer Experience.

Oracle will showcase how customer insight enables a customer segmentation strategy that delights customers. The perspective shifts from traditional demographic assumptions to categories and attributes that resonate best.
Solution Strategy for Oracle Retail
Learn how Oracle is investing in the retail portfolio to shift from best practice to next practice to engage customers as individuals.
Building Rapport: From Traceability to Sustainability
Learn ethical standards and best practices on how to effectively manage supply chains - from traceability to sustainability from John Cater.

Louis Vuitton: A Seamless Customer Experience
Learn first-hand from Louis Vuitton?s team how the global luxury brand leverages Oracle solutions to empower store associates to guide customers through an extraordinary omnichannel journey as the brand performs seamless transactions across all channels worldwide.
Call to Action: Imperative for Change
In today's connected world, consumers expect an individualized shopping experience, and it is up to retailers to either meet these expectations or risk losing potential interactions. Jeff Warren discusses the importance of a data-led approach and how Oracle Retail can help retailers operationalize retail science to effectively take on this imperative for change.

Releases & Roadmap Themes Focus Group Session
We take a look at key development areas and future initiatives for the future of commerce anywhere. Find out more about our releases and roadmap themes.

Planning, Pricing and Optimization Focus Group Session
DJ O'Neil leads a focus group session to discuss Oracle Retail Planning & Optimization solutions. The group takes a look at automating at scale, how to engage customer with omnichannel offers, driving innovation within your retail ecosystem, and how to empower commerce with the retail demand forecasting cloud service.

Merchandising Operations Strategy Focus Group Session
Lara Livgard walks us through the Merchandising journey so far, including recent wins and go-lives, and what to expect when looking forward. The session focusses on new innovations, such as voice and collaboration, and how these are embedded in the investment roadmap.

New Planning and Optimisation Innovations
Matt Hampton walks through how a retailer can improve the precision and level of detail of assortment and item planning decisions through our next generation cloud-based planning and optimisation solution offering.

Merchandising Innovations in the Cloud and Beyond
Edd McRobbie shares how Oracle Retail Merchandising Cloud Services provide retailers with breakthrough capabilities such as role-based dashboards that leverage retail science and data analytics to surface relevant buying, inventory, pricing and financial info to the user.

Global Consumer Research: The Topography of Retail
Retail continues to be mercurial as consumers react and adapt to technological developments. Innovative technologies mean retailers are having to make tough decisions about tech investments. We surveyed over 15,500 consumers across EMEA, NA, LATAM and the Middle East to map out emerging consumer trends.

Oracle Commerce Cloud and Behind the Scenes on Cloud
Take a look at new innovations of the Oracle Commerce Cloud solution and perspectives on how cloud changes the way retailers can operate going forward.

Supply Chain Focus Group Session
Mike Johnson shares recent supply chain market drivers including data and science, new technologies, and market expansion. Take a look at modern retailing in the cloud, what it takes to enable supply chain efficiency and what Oracle Retail is offering in terms of cloud services going forward.

Chatbots New Channel for Retail Business
The recent advancements in machine learning and the convergence of compute power and big data are bringing artificial intelligence into the mainstream. Intelligent bots will transform every facet of industry and dramatically improve UX. Learn how Oracle Retail is using artificial intelligence to enable conversation via an intelligent bot that is connected to Oracle Retail Customer Engagement and Order Broker Cloud Services.

Retail in 4D
The new Global Consumer Research ' Retail in 4D' is unveiled. This summer we reached out to over 15,000 consumers globally in 15 countries with a short online survey about their attitudes towards the retail experience today and in the future.

Bringing the Cloud Blueprint to Life
In this session, Jeff Warren, VP of Solution Management at Oracle Retail walks through the new innovations and investments across the retail portfolio to empower retailers to become fierce and fit.

Louis Vuitton: Delivering a Seamless Omnichannel Experience at Louis Vuitton Malletier (LVMH Group)
Learn first-hand from Louis Vuitton's CIO, how the global luxury brand leverages multiple Oracle solutions to empower store associates accompanying their customers through an exceptional omnichannel journey and performing seamless transactions across all channels.

Dubai Duty Free: Upgrading to Release 16
Dubai Duty Free: Upgrading to Release 16
In less than 8 months, Dubai Duty Free completed its upgrade of Oracle Retail Merchandising System, Price Management, Invoice Match, Sales Audit, Warehouse Management, Store Inventory Management, and Retail Insights from Release 12 to Release 16.

Marketing Investment Group
Marketing Investment Group: Building a Base for Growth: Merchandise Planning in a Multi-brand Company
MIG is implementing Oracle Retail Merchandise Financial Planning to adopt an integrated planning system to drive unified processes and experiences as well as optimize inventory and markdown levels. Learn how MIG will deliver a coherent, iterative plan to follow a single version of truth for the whole company.

Oracle Retail User Group: The Power of Community
Oracle is inspired by innovation but fueled by customer success. The success of our community hinges on the interconnectivity and best practice sharing of the global community. We are pleased to showcase the activities of the Oracle Retail User Group to ensure your teams can take maximum advantage.

Oracle Retail Version 16
Jeff Warren shares how Oracle Retail's solution strategy uniquely empowers retailers to quickly adapt to market influences, attract, engage and nurture customers, and reduce the complexity and cost of retail IT.

Personalizing the Customer Journey
Omnichannel consulting director, Antony Wildey, shares examples of how retailers are empowering store associates to drive revenue and experiences that inspire brand loyalty.
360 to Transformation
Hisham ElKahwagy, IT Director, Fitaihi Holdings, shares how his team drives operational efficiency with a single source of data, competitive responsive pricing and promotion strategies, and accurate replenishment and assortment with Oracle?s Merchandising Operations Management, Stores, Finance and BI solutions.

Planning and Optimization: V16 Cloud Services
Highlights of Oracle?s Merchandise and Assortment Planning Cloud Services, and insight into the Planning and Optimization Release 16.
Personalizing the Customer Journey
Omnichannel consulting director, Antony Wildey, shares examples of how retailers are empowering store associates to drive revenue and experiences that inspire brand loyalty.

AGROKOR Group: Creating an Oracle Retail Competency Centre
Agrokor Board Member, Tomislav Jukic, shares recommendations and requirements for developing an Oracle Retail Competency Centre with specific focus on Oracle Merchandising, Planning and Supply Chain solutions. He also shares the company's apporach to staying ahead of market demands whilst supporting a multi-format, international operation.

Building a Foundation for Growth and Innovation the Wiggle Way
Jeff Wollen, CIO at Wiggle, launched the pure-play online retailer's next generation retail platform, leveraging Oracle Merchandising, Planning and Business Intelligence solutions. Wollen shares how the company is supporting high growth rates, and their approach to integrating recent acquisition Chain Reaction Cycles, their Oracle Commerce site.

Parfois: Foundation for Business Growth and Operational Efficiency
Rapidlly expanding Portuguese fashion accessory brand Parfois shares how Oracle Retail solutions are supporting business growth and efficient operations through business process improvements.
Creating a True Omnichannel Operation
Calzedonia shares how they achieved a true synergy between Intimissimi's store and ecommerce operations, marrying offline and online in order to create an integrated omnichannel business.
Real Life Demands Unified Experiences
Consumers expect retailers to come and talk to them, speak their language, offer ultimate convenience across every channel, and for those channels to be joined up. GDR explores global best practices for all of this and more.
Grow the Business, Run the Business, Foundation for Growth
Gander Mountain shares how the specialty retail has been able to scale its business using Oracle Retail's Merchandising Suite and point-of-service solutions.
Overcoming Supply Chain Complexity to Serve Global Markets
METRO Cash & Carry shares their approach to consolidating all necessary product detail to promote the collaboration and transparency through the supply chain using Oracle Brand Compliance solutions.
adidas: Profit Protection and Data Mining
Global Director of Corporate Protection, Corin Denison, shares how the company has successfully focused investigations to detect, prevent and reduce crime as well as identify compliance and training issues with exception-based reporting.

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