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Competing in a Fast and Fierce World
We recently surveyed over 15,800 consumers and compared their point of view to a subset of retailers across 15 countries. Learn the findings on how to compete in a fast and fierce world of dynamic transformation.

Solution Strategy for Oracle Retail
Learn how Oracle is investing in the retail portfolio to shift from best practice to next practice to engage customers as individuals.

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360-Degree Visibility: Oracle Retail Merchandising Roadmap
A 360-degree visibility, a single view across all processes, speed to market, and embedded science and analytics are just some of the drivers behind investment in Oracle Merchandising. Learn the current strategy, vision, and roadmap for the Merchandise Operations Management suite of solutions and cloud services.

Single View of Inventory: Oracle Retail Planning and Optimization Roadmap
A single view of inventory, infused with analytics and science, plays a crucial role in helping retailers understand their customers’ unique journey, and enables them to prepare and share individual customer experiences as they work to maintain and grow their customer base. Learn the latest innovations in our planning solutions and cloud services, and how they can impact your business and deliver speed to value.

Optimizing Physical Inventory: Oracle Retail Supply Chain Roadmap
Inventory is a retailer’s most significant physical asset. Driving to a single view of real-time inventory across your retail network is critical to predicting real demand and proactively plan to satisfy it. Retailers must be able to react quickly to changes in demand or within the supply chain and ensure efficient handling of inventory through to sale or fulfillment. Learn our latest strategy, vision, and roadmap across our supply chain solutions.
Sustainability and Quality: Oracle Retail Brand Compliance Roadmap
Product safety, availability, and quality are critical factors in building trust with consumers. Moreover, as the supply chain broadens and becomes more complex, brand managers face the challenge of delivering legally compliant products, sourced from reliable, ethical, and sustainable suppliers. Learn our strategy, vision, and roadmap, on the range of new services, for Oracle Retail Brand Compliance
Enable Consumer Journeys: Oracle Retail Omnichannel Roadmap
Retail is about the entire consumer journey, it’s about engaging appropriately at every interaction, and it’s ultimately about curating the experience to drive the consumer to the desired end game beyond just the sale. Learn how Oracle Retail Omnichannel solutions bridge the productivity gaps between the online and traditional point-of-sale functionality, improve store associate effectiveness, increase sales, and ultimately personalize the customer experience.

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