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APGs Overview
APG is committed to developing cash management solutions to serve markets worldwide. Whether you need a custom design, general application cash drawer, a product for a mobile shopping experience, or the SMARTtill™ Intelligent Cash drawer, APG is the supplier of choice for delivering innovative technologies that enhance efficiency & security at the PoS. With our durable and dependable products installed, an APG cash drawer will provide years of smooth, trouble free service with virtually no downtime. Web:
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E3900 Cassette Solutions
The Series E3960 Cash Cassette is designed to fit some of the most commonly used base plates and adapt readily to existing check-out furniture. The E3960 Flip Lid Cash Cassette delivers uncompromising performance and quality focused on low cost of ownership, ease of use and speed through the checkout. It additionally combines a high capacity insert tray with extensive media storage under the insert. The cassette can accommodate 8 coins & 5 notes..
SMARTtill™ Cash Management Solution
The SMARTtill™ Solution will revolutionise the way you manage cash within your organisation, tackling cash handling issues from both sides — the shop floor and the back office — whilst maintaining the personal contact with customers. The SMARTtill™ Solution is the next generation in cash drawer technology. It is able to count the coins and notes within the drawer itself; automatically within seconds after the drawer is closed.

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