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A/B testing pitfalls
Email deliverability news
Embracing subscriber-centricity
Live content inspo from Xfinity

A/B Testing Pitfalls

Sometimes A/B testing seems so easy we don’t realize we’ve completely wasted our time, missed golden opportunities, or confidently come to the wrong conclusions.
19 missteps to avoid

Signed, sealed, delivered

Our deliverability experts turn the latest inbox news into insights you can actually use.
Gmail spam filter changes
SparkPost acquires eDataSource
1st Verified Mark Certificate issued
COPRA bill introduced
What it all means

“Let’s Be Good.”

Serving subscribers and creating long-lasting relationships based on respect and value were major themes at Litmus Live, whether we were talking about Servant Marketing, AI, or email accessibility.
Be better

For your




Xfinity Watchathon Campaign Lauded

Xfinity used live polling, countdown clocks, and shorter copy to engage their customers before, during, and after its annual Watchathon in these award-winning emails.
View the work and the team




When you already know a person’s email address, it’s much easier to reach them than someone who hasn’t shared their email address with you yet. Mining your “un-reachable” email subscriber list can reveal several opportunities to engage these people and grow your business, both via the email channel and other channels.”
Kaiti Gary, Director of Strategic Services, Oracle CX Marketing Consulting
Chad S. White @ChadSWhite
Gmail prompting people to unsubscribe from senders whose emails they haven’t engaged with in the past month really misunderstands how consumers engage with some brands via email. Engagement can be episodic and people don’t want to unsubscribe and resubscribe all the time.

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