Hands On Lab

Oracle Database Cloud Service for DBAs on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Our Oracle Database Cloud Service Workshop gives you a hands-on experience where you learn about Oracle “Cloud Infrastructure” services, versus Oracle “Classic” services. These labs will give you a basic understanding of the Oracle Database Cloud Service and many of the capabilities around administration and database management. You will learn how to:

- Create a Cloud Database and get introduced to Oracle Database Cloud Service
- Leverage various data migration use cases, including pluggable database migration, tablespace migration, schema migration, and ad-hoc table copying between databases
- Gain an advantage with common database management activities
- Use the Oracle Command Line Interface (CLI) commands to perform various tasks

*This workshop was built on and for version 12.2 of the database, but will also work with 18c with minor changes. See the 18c_updates document in the drop down menu.

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