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Ecommerce industry leaders reveal how to provide a superior shopping experience, win over customers, and maximize ROI.

Are You Prepared to Win?

Digital commerce is getting harder. As the pace of change grows faster, the divide between commerce leaders and the competition grows wider. Staying ahead requires resources like The Executive's Handbook to Modern Digital Commerce that contains expertise from the industry's top players. You will learn:

How to unleash digital commerce innovation

  • Trends in mobile and consumer shopping behaviors
  • What's possible with modern digital commerce technology
  • Innovative best practices from industry leaders
  • Why businesses are shifting from legacy platforms to the modern cloud
  • How commerce leaders are using SaaS to increase ROI and agility
  • How to leverage data and AI to personalize the experience
  • How to get the most out of your technology investments

Today's empowered buyers demand a whole new level of customer obsession. Whether your customers are businesses, consumers, or both, Oracle offers the insights, services, and technologies that enable you to connect and engage with them on a whole new level.

To make a powerful 1st impression
9 seconds To make a powerful 1st impression
Customers lost to bad experiences
67% Customers lost to bad experiences
Will pay more for good experiences
86% Will pay more for good experiences

64% Retail sales influenced by digital interactions


  • How Customers Shop

    How Customers Shop

    Hear how your customers like to shop

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  • The Future of Ecommerce

    The Future of Ecommerce

    Watch a video demo of Oracle Commerce Cloud

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  • Digital Commerce MQ

    Digital Commerce MQ

    Read Gartner's evaluation of 21 digital commerce platforms

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  • Ecommerce Personalization

    Ecommerce Personalization

    Read how to unlock greater personalization

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Insights from Digital Commerce Experts

Artificial intelligence can transform and rapidly accelerate new business models. But success depends upon how data scientists process and analyze data, and whether leadership is committed to fundamentally changing course based on these insights.

—Brian Solis, Principal Analyst, Altimeter Group
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Ken Morris
"Consumers expect a seamless experience in the store, on the web and via their mobile device - making real-time retail the new industry imperative."
—Ken Morris, Principal, Boston Retail Partners, LLC
SPC Brasil success story background
Stewart Rogers
"Because agility in commerce means showing that you have met the customer's needs quickly and efficiently, and consumer needs change on a regular basis, your KPIs will evolve over time too."
—Stewart Rogers, Marketing Technology, VB Insight (a VentureBeat Product)
SPC Brasil success story background
Ed Cleary
"With online sales expected to reach $523 billion by 2020, brands will need to capture and keep the customer's attention on a more immediate basis."
—Ed Cleary, Publisher, Retail TouchPoints
SPC Brasil success story background
Terry Duperon
"In-store technology provides key insights about customer preferences and responses to products and merchandising. These insights can be integrated into the brand's digital strategy to drive higher conversions and revenue."
—Terry Duperon, Retail Product Placement, Retail Strategy and Consulting