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Future-ready CFOs will drive continuous innovation and productivity—but why wait? With Oracle cloud solutions, we work alongside you to build tomorrow’s finance, today.

“Less time compiling reports means my team spends more time developing strategy.”

– Future You

“I can model multiple scenarios in minutes, so I’m always ready to present to the management team.”

– Future You

Three Enterprises Capitalize on $2T

Report: Cloud and Emerging Tech Help 6 Companies Compete

Firms across six key industries are leveraging cloud, AI, predictive analytics, and process automation to gain a competitive edge—and contribute to the $2 trillion cloud is predicted to add to the US GDP.

$2 Trillion
Projected US GDP boost from cloud over next 10 years

Amount Shawnee State saved in wage and benefit costs in one year with cloud

33% Better
ConnectOne Bank's efficiency ratio with cloud compared to financial industry average

Better Patient Outcomes
Blue Shield of California is leveraging a new cloud platform to improve quality of patient care
Innovate today
Build Tomorrow's Finance by Innovating Today

Technology is driving the next wave of business productivity—and finance leaders have a unique opportunity to lead this transformation. Read more about how you can innovate with emerging technologies and move your organization forward.

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