Go beyond control to predicting your financial future

Go forward with finance agility

When you're in the business of GO, agility is vital to driving growth and innovation. Read our new research report from the AICPA, "Agile Finance Revealed: The New Operating Model for Modern Finance," to learn how best-in-class finance organizations increase their finance agility.

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    To confidently manage your financial future, you need one solution that does it all - everything from ledger and analytics to payables, receivables, collections and expenses, with built-in industry standards and best practices to guide you. Go with Oracle Financials Cloud.

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    • Modern Finance in the Digital Age

      Your Complete Guide to Modern Finance

      It's time to rethink the role of finance. This handbook tells you everything you need to know to modernize your ERP and EPM applications. Read it now to uncover tips and best practices to streamline finance processes to improve productivity.

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    • ERP Cloud Handbook: Your Complete Guide to Modern ERP

      Free Assessment: Is Your Finance Modern or Not?

      Take the Modern Finance Self-Assessment to see how you stack up against the competition.

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    • Connect Finance to the Cloud

      Drive Growth and Innovation with Oracle ERP Cloud

      Your business is always moving forward. Always driving growth and innovation. Because you're in the business of GO. Watch our demo video to learn more.

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    • OracleVoice: 15 Reasons to Move Finance to the Cloud, Now

      Connect Finance to the Cloud

      If you're not moving your financial and accounting systems to the cloud yet, you should be. This brief covers just how transformational the decision can be for your business.

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