Call for Speakers

Are you making innovative advances in your HR organization? Has your company transitioned to the Oracle HCM Cloud and is reaping benefits? Do you want to be recognized by your peers as a modern HR leader? If yes, we want to hear from you!

We’re seeking HR thought leaders and change agents to share their strategic stories about business transformation and how they’re adding business value to their organizations. Share your experience and expertise with fellow conference attendees who want to hear best practices and deep-dive use cases on how you are using Oracle Cloud solutions and gaining great strides in your company.

If you are an Oracle partner, we encourage you to submit a proposal showcasing an Oracle customer and their success story. As a new prerequisite, all partners must either be a confirmed exhibitor or sponsor of HCM World 2018 in order for paper submissions to be considered and/or accepted. Stand-alone customer stories will be prioritized, as well as customer case studies involving a broad range or full suite of experience. As HCM World is a thought leadership conference, we encourage you to work with your customers and have them submit their stories focusing on their innovations and business value achieved. We are not looking for process or implementation stories at HCM World. Please contact or for more information on sponsorship, exhibitor, and partner speaking opportunities.

The Call for Speakers is closed. Submissions are now by invitation only.

We recommend that you take the time to review the Call for Speakers Guidelines and Instructions before you begin.


The HCM Community has shown a lot of interest in sharing strategic stories, especially regarding engaging and retaining employees; and quantitative feedback with supporting numbers around your change and innovation strategy. What have you observed throughout your process? What have you learned? What would you focus on more for your next initiative? Please also be prepared to align your proposal to the tracks below. We understand that there is overlap in some of these categories, as much of human capital management is fluid and hard to contain within traditional boundaries.

Share the ideas and innovations you have used to modernize your business. How have you made improvements that contribute to your bottom line, whether that is measured with financials or employee satisfaction ratings? What programs have you implemented – are they new and on the cutting edge? Do you consider yourself a Modern HR organization, and if yes, why? What are you doing that might reflect current trends and market direction (have Pokémon Go-like scavenger hunts become part of your wellness efforts)? Have improvements to the user interface affected the happiness of your employees? Tell us your story of innovation!

Describe your HR or employee programs that are “out of the box,” or that have moved away from “standard practice” to create positive and productive change. Are you challenging your organization to examine better or more effective ways to achieve your goals? Maybe it is a wellness program that reduced your benefits and insurance costs. Share how you have been a change agent to increase employee engagement and keep people focused on making your business the best it can be! We’re looking for your insight and experiences with how you thought differently about culture, business and programs, and how those changes may have impacted other aspects within your organization.

Most employees thrive where communities and connections are created and fostered. They also manifest in different ways, including by way of corporate culture, special groups (e.g., mentorship or leadership programs, women in business, etc.), or even through internal collaboration tools. When looking to recruit new or referred employees, creating communities externally are critical in communicating your organization’s brand, culture, values and reasons why it’s a great place to work. How are you creating connections with your current employees, while also developing these same communities with potential employees? How are you using social and digital for your recruiting or onboarding processes? How have you implemented technology solutions to promote employee engagement? Share your successes, experiences, and possible missteps as you’ve cultivated communities, collaboration, and connections and describe how it’s benefited the organization.

A business is made of people. The success of the business is built on the productivity, engagement, and happiness of those people. What’s more, the work environment has changed, including remote offices, digital interface, and global growth. How have these changes impacted current employees and recruiting new talent, as well as how you grow and reward that talent? Times have changed, and the approach needs to keep pace with an ever-changing workforce and consumer landscape. Share your story and experiences with compensation, performance management, and career development, and how you’ve done things differently and successfully.

Many organizations focus on the data from within their own organization to inform, educate, and guide the decision process. These analytics can be a competitive advantage for an organization if they are looking at the right metrics and measurements. A focus on the numbers can accelerate a business strategy, or validate a program’s effectiveness. Data can also help an organization focus more on its people, when that data is delivered methodically and reliably. Help your colleagues and peers learn and understand how you used the right analytics to help your organization learn, make strategic changes, and grow.

The backbone of any organization is its HR data. Being strong here makes everything else stronger, from benefits and payroll programs to shared service centers and self-service portals. Share your stories about how this is important to your organization.

There is an art and strategy to transforming a business. We want to hear from you on how you’ve transformed your organization with HR, and the journey you took along the way, focusing on the “why” of the change. What did you consider to transform your organization? How did your priorities or strategies need to change? What about internal expectations? Does your job role change, including how you strategically engage with the C-suite or executive leadership? Share with your peers how you transformed your organization, whether all of it or just a part way so far, and your next planned steps for continuing your journey. Be sure to leave time for Q&A!

Speaker Benefits

There are some great perks you’ll receive as a confirmed HCM World speaker! Approved conference speakers receive a complimentary full conference registration. You’ll gain recognition from your peers as an expert and thought leader. Plus, you’ll be acknowledged and recognized on the website and in the session catalog, through the mobile app, and on-site at the event with special badge credentials.

Note: Hotel and travel are the responsibility of the speaker.