5 fundamentals for a great
utility website

Roughly half of all consumers say the utility digital experience doesn't measure up to other web services. That reduces satisfaction, and it keeps customers on high-cost channels, like phone and paper.1

What can you do to make your web offering world class?

1. Get internal consensus

The Challenge: A typical web redesign involves at least five different departments — and often more.

The Solution: Success depends on a single, shared vision across the utility, where everyone plays their part in elevating the customer experience. Hear how E.ON UK built internal consensus to create a world-class web experience.

Design for every channel

2. Design for every channel

The Challenge: Less than 15% of utility executives are very confident they can deliver a consistent, satisfying experience across channels — including web, mobile, email, and customer service.2

The Solution: Create new experiences with every channel in mind. Digital leaders ensure that no matter how customers choose to interact, they get a seamless experience — with the same insights and expert service across every touchpoint.

3. Build on a flexible platform

The Challenge: On average, utility websites get an overhaul once every 5 years. Inflexible, on-premise software makes it impossible to keep pace with customer expectations, which change much faster than that.

The Solution: Software-as-a-service is 4x faster to launch, allowing you to make web upgrades in weeks, not years. In fact, on the Opower platform, a single line of JavaScript can embed new tools or insights anywhere on your website.


4. Provide actionable insights

The Challenge: 72% of customers want their utilities to provide more insights into their energy use. But just 13% of executives say their IT can surface personalized content effectively.2

The Solution: Invest in analytics. Then catch customers' attention by embedding personalized insights alongside the digital transactions that matter most — like online bill payment.

5. Make it easy

The Challenge: Most utility software isn't designed to address common pain points, like poor usability — which explains why just 24% of utility executives feel confident about their digital transaction capabilities.2

The Solution: Accessibility and simple UX boosts adoption and keeps customers coming back. Features like authenticated login can help customers clear common hurdles, like forgetting usernames and passwords.


Consensus. Flexibility. Choice of channels. Actionable insights. Simplicity.

Whether you're refining your web tools or redefining your digital strategy, Oracle Utilities can help you meet your goals.