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Get Hands on Experience Building Java Applications with Micronaut in the Cloud

In this hands on workshop, you will set up the Oracle cloud environment that you will use to build a java application with micronaut in the Oracle Cloud. The tasks you will perform are as follows:

  • Sign Up for an Oracle Free Tier Account
  • Provision the Oracle Cloud instances needed to run a Micronaut application with Autonomous Database.
  • Create and connect to your Autonomous Database instance.
  • Create a Micronaut application and connect to your Autonomous Database.
  • Create Micronaut Data entities, define Micronaut Data repositories to implement queries, expose Micronaut Controllers as REST endpoints, populate Data on Application Startup, write tests for the Micronaut application and run the Micronaut application locally
  • Run a pre-built Helidon MP application as a native image locally, update Micronaut controller to invoke the service, and run the Micronaut application locally to verify setup