Get the Most Out of Modern Customer Experience

We are in the era of the empowered customer, who defines customer experience on his or her own terms. These customers demand experiences that are seamless, personalized, and immediate. Are you prepared to deliver?

Modern Customer Experience is the place to learn, prepare, and get inspired for the next wave in customer experience innovation. Whether you are in marketing, sales, commerce, or service you’ll take home smarter strategies that lead to meaningful business results.

The agenda has something for everyone:

  • Digital transformation success stories from Oracle customers
  • Understanding what motivates consumers today, especially millennials
  • Next generation technologies like artificial intelligence, IoT, and virtual assistants
  • Using data and intelligence at every stage of the customer lifecycle
  • New product announcements, innovations, and roadmaps
  • Customer experience challenges and solutions for every industry
  • Looking ahead to the future of customer experience

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