Insight Sessions

Insight Sessions

Insight Sessions

Learn how to manage the digital transformation for the end-to-end supply chain by gaining a deeper understanding of some of the most impactful topics surrounding this shift: the path to the cloud; emerging and disruptive technologies relevant for today’s modern supply chain operations; and collaboration and visibility in the cloud.

Tuesday, January 30
11:15 a.m.–12:30 p.m.

  • Leading and Managing your Supply Chain Path to the Cloud

    With more supply chain functionality in the cloud, the supply chain strategy and business operating model is now focused on asset utilization, maintaining margins, cost reduction, and supporting business growth. Companies must lead their path to the cloud and migrate on-premise capabilities. This strategic transformation journey must be managed and led collaboratively by the business and IT. Also, enter the opportunity to transform to a digital business operating model using emerging capabilities such as IoT, Adaptive Intelligence, Block Chain, Big Data and Predictive Analytics. Learn from Ballard and Office Depot customers, a Deloitte consulting partner, and Oracle experts about how you can map out and execute your path to the cloud.

  • Disruptive Technologies: IoT, Digital Twins, Blockchain, and More

    Digital transformation is disrupting today's supply chains in many ways. Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the key technologies that enables the modern supply chain through the interconnected digital thread that improves automation with advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms that make the supply chain more intelligent and responsive. Digital twins and associated technologies, such as Augmented Reality, blur the boundaries between the physical and virtual representations, enabling greater productivity. Blockchains transform how we secure and encrypt B2B transactions. Chatbots enable much higher quality intelligent interactions. Learn about many of the new and disruptive technologies across the supply chain. Learn about the modern technologies that are changing the trajectory of the supply chain, such as big data, mobile computing, and machine learning. Understand how to transform the signals from Internet of Things (IoT) devices and sensors into actionable insights and much more. The goal is to provide you, as a supply chain leader in your organization, valuable insights about best practices, business trends, and real customer examples for many of the new and disruptive technologies across the supply chain.

  • Supply Chain Collaboration and Visibility in the Cloud

    Sales of a key product fall short. A supplier faces material shortages. You need to get revenue back on track – but what’s the best course of action? Rapidly detecting business events inside and outside the enterprise, driving algorithmic and collaborative decision-making, and accelerating response across a global trading partner network is essential. We’ll demonstrate Oracle solutions that deliver better customer experiences by digitizing and automating supply chains end-to-end. See how to leverage visual analytics, planning and collaboration as “control tower” that intelligently interprets the impact of market changes, IoT signals, supplier updates and enterprise events, and then executes decisions via a blockchain-enabled digital thread.