Modern Supply Chain Experience Solution Areas

Modern Supply Chain Experience offers strategic insights, best practices, and innovative discussions in every aspect of supply chain management. Each solution area will have its own distinct track of sessions featuring Oracle customers, partners, product demonstrations by Oracle experts, and networking activities.

End-to-End Supply Chain


This Solution Area provides a continuation of the three Insight Sessions that explore the path to the cloud, disruptive technologies, and collaboration and visibility in the cloud. We’ll dive deeper into these topics, and you’ll understand how each one helps deliver an end-to-end supply chain solution.

Logistics and Order Management


Discover the latest in cloud-based solutions for your logistics and order fulfillment operations. Learn how your organization can modernize to improve order performance, decrease logistics costs, gain global supply chain visibility, reduce supply chain risk, and simplify information technology complexities.



Be the first to learn about Oracle’s highly anticipated Oracle Maintenance Cloud solution, as well as Oracle E-Business Suite Enterprise Asset Management Solution. Network with maintenance customers and experts.



Learn how global manufacturers are leveraging mobility, analytics, the Internet of Things (IoT), and the cloud to improve operation delivery times, reduce costs, improve productivity, ensure regulatory compliance and drive quality best practices from issue to resolution.



Hear about the latest advancements in Oracle Procurement solutions. Organized by Oracle Procurement Cloud and Oracle E-Business Suite solutions, you’ll learn about usability enhancements, functionality supporting manufacturing, and direct materials procurement, as well as project-based procurement.

Product Lifecycle Management


Explore the latest advancements in the Digital PLM platform, such as IoT, Digital Twins, Enterprise Quality, Predictive Analytics, as well as Oracle’s Model-Based Definition (MDB) and Model-Based Enterprise strategy. Whether you are an Oracle Agile PLM on-premise, managed cloud, public cloud, or hybrid cloud customer, there’s something for you.

Supply Chain Planning


Get the latest innovations in demand management, supply planning, trade management, service supply chain, and integrated business planning.