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15 Years of the Cloud. How is the market maturing?
15 Years of the Cloud. How is the market maturing?

What the latest IDG Connect industry research tells us

We've witnessed a lot of change since industry analysts IDG Connect last undertook research into the influences surrounding cloud adoption and the effects it is having on the workplace. We're delighted to present the key findings of the latest report.

For this (phase two) research, IDG Connect surveyed more than 450 C-level and IT decision makers from organisations within EMEA. They came from multiple industries and each have more than 250 employees. It reveals several key insights that show how cloud technology has developed since the first research was completed in January 2015, and it shows how cloud strategies differ across various industries and geographies.

It also explores the many developments in cloud dependency among enterprise organisations and how cloud infrastructure and cloud platforms are becoming ever more critical to innovation and the development of new markets.

The various assets and resources we've made available here include a summary report of the research findings, which details key insights and comparisons between both the phases.

Key points include:

  • How quickly cloud has matured as a deployed platform – We'll be comparing the results of both phases of the research. We'll also explore geo and cross-sector insights, with particular focus on rate of adoption and reasons that might cause quicker or slower response.
  • Security – The report details why this is still a concern for customers when developing cloud strategies and what cloud vendors need in place to protect customers' data.
  • Most important types of private cloud – We'll look at the big increase in DBaaS (Database as a Service) since Phase 1 and explore why it's moving up the list of priorities.
  • Comparisons between the Phases I and II in terms of how IT Change Management and IT ecosystems have developed – We discover why being prepared for change (in terms of of skills, communications to the business, standardisation, scalability, network bandwidth & visualisation) are so important.

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