Up to 5x Faster Cloud Performance at ½ the Cost 1

It’s possible. Let’s prove it.


Getting faster cloud performance for up to half the price of AWS is not something you see every day. But it does happen. See how.




Get up to 3,500 Free Oracle Cloud Hours by Moving to Oracle

Right now when you move to an Oracle IaaS or PaaS solution, you'll get up to 3,500 free Oracle Cloud hours—on top of increasing cloud performance and cutting up to half the cost associated with AWS.



OceanX Gets 3x Faster Cloud For 30% Less

See how the ecommerce platform increased efficiency and saved big with a move from AWS to Oracle Cloud.

"We get more agility
at a lower cost.
That’s important to me."

- Georg Richter, CEO and Founder, OceanX

A Move to Oracle: Scalability, Speed, and Cost Advantages

  • Scaleable

    Gain efficiency from a single
    data model across one complete cloud platform
  • Speed

    Get up to 5x quicker cloud performance as well as smoother migration
  • Smarter

    Build scalable enterprise-caliber solutions that level the playing field
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Move to Oracle Autonomous Database and cut your Amazon bill in half

Learn more about how Oracle Cloud can help you save and gain

  • N2N Saves 50% on Cloud
    Infrastructure by Leaving AWS
  • Darling Ingredients doubles performance with move to Oracle Cloud
  • YellowDog gets 2x faster rendering performance compared to AWS
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