Grocery Guide: 5 grocery industry trends, drivers, and challenges

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  • Trends, Drivers, and Challenges in Grocery Retail

    Consumers now have more choices when purchasing groceries, with new online mass merchants entering the grocery space and quick service delivery changing shopping behavior. In this session, we’ll look at the trends and drivers forcing the grocery industry to transform, resulting in permanent changes in consumer shopping habits, ongoing challenges in maintaining a superior grocery store experience, and consumer exploration of new brands.

  • Sustainable Growth: The Lifecycle of an Item

    Oracle’s retail applications incorporate and operationalize sustainability across the lifecycle of each item enabling assortment planning, procurement, product development, supply chain, quality, and store operations to make better, greener decisions in real-time. Watch this on-demand session to explore how the Oracle Retail Platform can enable meaningful changes to improve environmental, ethical, and economic impact from sustainable sourcing to circular retail.

  • Albertsons: Project Governance in Grocery Retail

    Grocers experienced a greater demand during the pandemic and needed to adapt to changing consumer expectations and new fulfillment channels, coupled with a drive for increased efficiency and profitability. Albertsons, a leading national grocer, partnered with KPMG to transform its finance, procurement, HCM, and IT operating models, enabled through Oracle Fusion applications. With Oracle and KPMG, Albertsons unified finance and employee processes through a cloud-first approach, increasing productivity and cost savings. The coordination of people, processes, data, service delivery, governance, and technology drives the success of a digital transformation. Watch this on-demand session to learn how Albertsons and KPMG designed its project governance, and drove leading practice standardization and change adoption, all while keeping operations humming in a changing world.

  • Strategic Use Cases to Maximize Margins

    Evolving consumer behaviors, competitive pressures, and technological advances are forcing grocery retailers to rethink their delivery models, customer experience, inventory management, and supply chain strategies. With the right processes and technology, grocers can improve operational efficiency and customer service while driving profitability by combining financial, inventory, customer, and talent data. At the center of virtually every major back-office activity that drives sales and margin are two key groups: merchants and finance. Retail solution experts will show how merchandising, ERP, and analytics come together to drive opportunities to maximize your margins and drive productivity. Learn how to deliver real-time insights into finance and operations.

Trending Topics in Grocery

  • Fresh management capabilities now available to grocers in Oracle Cloud

    Manage production planning and execution more precisely, as well as account for the cost of labor and packaging.

  • 7 Steps to Make Grocery Stores Profitable

    Improve your grocery stores’ operational efficiency, get closer to the customer, and create space for innovation.

  • Supplier Sustainability

    New cloud application centralizes supplier data on ESG to support sustainable sourcing decisions, evaluate and reduce impact and risk.

  • 4 steps towards data-driven retail using AI and ML

    New possibilities for retailers in Retail Data Store and the AI Foundation released by our development team.

  • Oracle Retail Brand Compliance Guide

    Discover 9 ways private label executives benefit with brand compliance, including improving efficiency by 76%.

  • Private label strategies for retail supply chain ethics and sustainability

    Leaders Woolworths and Whole Foods Market share how building an open, transparent, and collaborative network can help sustainability initiatives.

  • North America Grocery Private Label Report

    An assessment of the NA private label industry, including insight from Former Board Member of the GFSI, John Carter.

  • EMEA Grocery Private Label Report

    This report provides insight on what leading private label brands are doing to successfully navigate the modern retail supply chain and growth of their private label share of shelf.

  • APAC Grocery Private Label Report

    Get new insight on what leading private label brands are doing to successfully navigate the modern retail supply chain and growth of their private label share of shelf.

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