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ERP Cloud
Boosting business growth in the cloud
As a high-growth SMB, you need a scalable ERP system that does not require weeks / months for implementation and user training. While bookkeeping software, browser-based project management apps, email, and spreadsheets are fine during the start-up phase, their usefulness plateaus very quickly. They simply cannot cost effectively support the transition of an SMB into a world-class enterprise.

Oracle ERP Cloud contains the functionality that SMB finance professionals need to GO and GROW ― on a platform that is scalable and configurable. With Oracle ERP Cloud, your SMB has a winning solution that:

  • Manages all your accounting, procurement, and project management needs by utilizing a single, secure cloud platform
  • Improves organizational transparency and productivity, thanks to mobile access plus a variety of analytical and collaboration tools
  • Enables market expansion goals (localizations for up to 60 countries) with its support of 24 languages and multiple GAAP / currencies
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