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Talent Management Cloud
Find, engage and retain with the cloud
Recruiting top talent is key for any high-growth SMB. It is the quiet enabler behind an SMB’s success, and it is the top priority for talent and HR leaders at most small and medium businesses.

However, if the size of your recruiting team is not expected to grow, you have will have a gap ― a gap between talent acquisition needs and talent management resources. This will make it very hard to establish the processes needed to present your company as a place where top people will want to work long-term.

But with Oracle Talent Management Cloud, SMBs now have a complete and scalable solution to find, engage, and retain the people needed to support growth. With Oracle Talent Management Cloud, you can:

  • Reduce the cost and time to source, recruit, and hire the best talent
  • Shorten time-to-productivity by streamlining onboarding and compliance processes
  • Link individual performances to the overall success of your organization
  • Build an agile workforce that can easily adapt to ever-changing business needs
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