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High-Tech & Manufacturing: Focus on Customer Experience

The arrival of a “fourth industrial revolution” has changed everything in high-tech and manufacturing (HTM)—from the way products are manufactured to the way they’re serviced and sold.

In this ebook, you’ll learn:
  • The rise of the product-as-a-service model
  • Game-changing technologies within HTM
  • Accelerating transformation in 2 key areas
Find out the 6 major benefits Oracle CX offers to high-technology and manufacturing companies.

Business leaders within HTM are putting a major focus on improving the experiences they deliver to customers:


of manufacturers will provide product-as-a-service platforms to meet new customer demands.


of manufacturers are updating their operations with IoT and analytics to mitigate risk and improve time to market.


of spare parts suppliers will incorporate 3D printing in their business within 5 years.

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Watch how Elgin re-imagines their industry with Oracle Cloud CX and emerging technologies.

How can Oracle CX help HTM businesses?

  • Identify the Right Customers

    Identify the Right Customers and Make Relevant Offers

  • Deliver

    Streamline Sales for Traditional Direct and Distribution Channels

  • Deliver Proactive Service

    Deliver Proactive Service and Support through IoT and AI

Learn more about each of these benefits for High-Technology or Industrial Manufacturing.

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