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Customer Service
Customer Experience Essentials for Today’s Shoppers

Today’s lightning-paced digital retail world means shoppers have more power than ever, and they want what they want NOW. Is your ecommerce strategy designed to deliver the best customer experience?

In this ebook, you’ll learn:
  • 4 ways to exceed your customers’ expectations using new tech
  • How to overcome the omnichannel challenge
  • How to give the 21st century shopper everything they want, now!
Learn how Perry Ellis future-proofed their CRM in 6 key ways with Oracle CX.

Consumer behaviors and expectations are vastly different today. How attuned are you?


of consumers shop online instead of in-store because its available 24/7


of consumers use multiple traditional and digital channels while shopping


of millennial shoppers spend money on experiences over material items

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How can Oracle CX help Consumer Goods & Retail businesses?

  • Identify the Right Customers

    Identify the Right Customers and Make Offers in "Moments-of-Need"

  • Deliver

    Deliver Excellent Support & Service Throughout Customer Life Cycle

  • Streamline Sales

    Streamline Sales Through Traditional and D2C Channels

Learn more about each of these benefits for Consumer Goods and Retail.

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