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The 2020 Guide to Sales
Scan the headlines: To meet revenue goals, you must embrace the idea of customer experience during the sales cycle. The first step is to read our buying guide for:
  • 7 modern sales tips to add to your arsenal
  • Suggestions on how to benefit from the best B2C sales strategies
  • Insight on how to use technology to your advantage

Cold calls. Warm leads. Insights-based selling. Account-focused strategies. Sales teams have a mandate to drive revenue growth, find new leads, and meet their numbers. But, evolving customer expectations are changing the dynamics:

of buyers talk to 3rd party sources

of buyers talk to 3rd party sources before a company’s own sales team.

executives prefer

of executives prefer to work with a salesperson referred by someone they know.

of a prospect’s buying journey

of a prospect’s buying journey is done on digital channels.

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