Utilities Report
Utilities Report
Dual Innovation in the Field and How it’s Changing Customer Experience

In this report, 114 utilities professionals across the world were surveyed to explore their current relationships with innovative technology and how they plan to use it to deliver exceptional customer experience.

Download this report to find out:
  • How well prepared utilities companies are to innovate
  • Why professionals’ excitement for innovation is shadowed by anxiety
  • Why utilities professionals must embrace the “dual innovation path”
How are you tackling distributed energy resources?

Utilities professionals agree that investment in new technology is critical for field service, but there are conflicting views on the scope of advancement needed:


of executives feel they aren’t keeping up with the pace of the industry


of professionals believe their field service is meeting customers’ needs


of operations believe their customer systems support seamless service delivery

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Watch as three global companies discuss how their utilities are planning ahead using new tech and new thinking to make for the best future possible.

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